Find your all answers to all Pokémon Go related issues in Nox App Player. Now stay and play! 1. How can I play Pokémon Go on ...

Pokemon Go PC Nox Player All Fix(100% 15 Guaranteed Working Fixes)

Find your all answers to all Pokémon Go related issues in Nox App Player. Now stay and play!

1. How can I play Pokémon Go on PC with Nox?

Simply Download,Follow instructions from here
2. How do I start with this game?
Read the text tutorial from Nox official site:
How to Play Pokémon Go for PC in any country
3. Why do I get the “GPS signal not found” message when starting the game! Its so annoying?
This is a little bug of the game (which is now fixed in latest version 0.31.0) which may cause problem of catching your location. So simply Reboot Nox and restart the game will solve it.

4. Why the virtual location map is blank?
1) It may be a problem of slow network. Wait for a while or reboot the emulator. If still not works it may be server prob.
2) If you wait for a long time and the map still blank (The operating system is usually Windows 10), please do as follow:
a. Close the emulator first. Download these two files to your computer: libeay32.dll  ssleay32.dll (OR DOWNLOAD FROM DLLFILES)
b. Right-click the icon on your desktopQQ截图20160719144607and choos the “Open file location”. Drag these two DLL files into the folder and replace the existing files.
c. Now Open Nox and start,enjoy the game.

5. How do I fix the Google related error messages like “the process has stopped” or “Google Play Service has stopped”?Follow the steps in the tutorial post on official Nox Blog: Find answers to all the Google Play related issues in Nox App Player

6. What should I do if the game suddenly freezes?
The network may be unstable. Also, since the game is very popular around the world, the game server is very under great pressure. Just wait for a while or try restarting the game.

7. Why I can’t find the direction controller in Pokémon Go/Why I can’t move with WASD,? I cannot Play!

Try these 3 Steps which works for you the best!
  • If you are using Nox App Player: Pokémon Go for PC version, we have pre-set the direction controller for you.
  • If you installed v3.7.0 and dragged to install Pokémon Go, you need to go to Simulate Touch in tool bar and drag the direction controller QQ截图20160719150434 to the game.
  • If you have already set the direction controller but still can’t walk, it means your computer (mainly Windows 10) doesn’t support this function. In this situation, you can only move by setting different locations on the map.

8. Why do I have glitch if I open the camera?
This means your computer doesn’t support AR function. Please close the camera.

9. I can’t input “@” inside Nox
Reboot the emulator.

10. When starting the game, why am I in the sea and receiving the “Catch a Pokémon” message?
It means you are located in a sea or somewhere people can’t reach. Please locate yourself manually to somewhere else using virtual location

11. Why do I get stuck at this loading screen?
Go to Nox settings-Advanced and change the rendering mode to DirectX.

12. Why my character moves around beyond my control?/ Why my Pokémon Go is lagging?
Turn VT on-
If you have turned VT on but your computer doesn’t recognize it, please turn off the antivirus and try again.

13. How to hide the compass on the game screen?
Go to simulate touch, click save and change the transparent degree.

14. Why there is no Google log-in option in the starting page?
Set your age older as GO wont enable younger ones to use Google account.

15. How to update Pokémon Go if there is a new version?
Uninstall the old version and drag to install the new version apk downloaded from Apkpure
Download Pokémon Go APK file