Pokemon MMO 3D RPG Game | Brick Bronze | Windows,Mac,Android

So far, the best multiplatform online multiplayer mmo adventure Pokemon Game. This game is so awesome that even I spend money in buying stuffs inside the game. The Game is developed by TBradm and lando64000 in a Game making platform called 'Roblox'. 
The game follows the same mechanics of popular pokemon game Sun and Moon. You can customize your own character looks and play with over 1,000,000 Players! You can trade or battle with them.

Check Out some of the features of this game!

You can explore the Roria Region collecting all 8 badges to participate in Roria League

There are over 800 Pokemons to catch!

Battle with other players online. Every wining gives you points! Get the highest rank and conquer Brick Bronze! You can Mega Evolve your Pokemons too!

Chat with player and Trade your Pokemons!

Steps to play-
1.Visit the below link

2.Click Sign Up 
3.After creating your ID, click the above link again and Click Play below.
4.When you click Play, a setup will download. Install it.
5.After installing click the play button again from website and enjoy your adventure!

The Game is available on Windows,Android,Apple Devices 


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